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Solar Monitor: the gateway to automation of electricity usage


The article deals with the automation of electricity consumption in relation to its production by means of photovoltaic panels, whose output depends on the sun. Solar Monitor offers an wide range of solutions that adapt very easily to investor's particular requirements.

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Smart Energy Forum 2018 Prague


6th and 7th November 2018, Prague

Our presentation about M2M communication, energy gateway for renewables and PLC integration attracted many conference visitors. We explained our solution in details at our booth. See several graphs from a Smart house at South Moravia at end of the presentation:

Solar_Monitor - Smart_Energy_Forum - EN.pdf

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Developer wanted!


We are a small company, located 70 km to the North of Prague. We develop since 1997 for Rockwell Automation, Cleveland via Zypcom,Inc., located in Silicon Valley.

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Solar Monitor Ltd.

specialises in developing hardware and software for embedded systems. Our staff have been dealing with the systems since 1997.

The company's key product is Solar Monitor - modular system for monitoring photovoltaic and wind power plants, remote AMR, data visualisation in cloud and mobile applications, communications with PLCs and other systems.

We have developed the device, firmware and the entire program equipment.