• 1 Phase

    1-phase electrometers.

  • 3 Phase

    3 phase electrometers.

  • Pulse Meters

    Electrometers with S0 (open collector) pulse output.

    These electricity meters can easily be connected to the SM2-MU unit to obtain information about 1 measured energy.

  • RS485

    Electricity meters with RS485 interface.

    These power meters can be connected to the AB or YZ interface of the SM2-MU unit to obtain information not only about several measured energies (consumption, production, up to 4 tariffs) but also about other values (voltage, current, power, frequency) even for each phase separately.

  • LCD Panel

    Electric meters with LCD panel.

    It is possible to order an electricity meter that will be configured to display the display - how many and which quantities and how quickly the display changes.

  • Modbus

    Electrometers with Modbus / RTU communication interface.

  • Current Transformers

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